Batley and Spen

Labour leader spends summer prepping for his first live party conference – and beyond
Labour leader under pressure ahead of Thursday's vote, but spokesman says he won't be quitting
Through the summer to Brighton's party conference and beyond, Labour's leader has a crucial three months to reset his leadership.
The Tory candidate standing in Jo Cox’s former seat has been condemned for joking that “we have not yet shot anybody” during
Luckily I have been enlisted for the talking, not walking, part of this great plan so Lycra clothing across the land can breathe a sigh of relief that it will not be inflicted on my thighs any time soon. Instead, on Monday me and my baggy clothing, will be heading to Batley to support some extraordinary members of the public as they start their incredibly long walks home.
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The current crisis in the party aside, I would urge the next MP for Batley and Spen to remain neutral in the crisis. The job should be to represent constituents, hold the government to account and ignore anything else. In my view Jo Cox's memory cannot be remembered as it should be if her successor is immediately drawn into battle for the leadership.
The Batley that I know and love has lost some of its sparkle, we have lost some of our light. But I believe that Jo and the memory of Jo will continue to burn bright and live on in all of us who continue her good work with the same passion, love and zeal that she displayed throughout her short-lived time in Parliament. Jo is gone, but will never be forgotten.