The Indian flying fox is actually too old to fly, but his caretakers hold him while he flaps his wings so he can feel like he's still got it.
“With our ever rising hot summers... this episode will surely not be the last.”
A video of an Irish family trying (and failing) to catch a bat trapped in their house has left the internet in fits of giggles
Think bats are scary? Be prepared to have you preconceptions shattered. SHATTERED, we tell you! Because this video by the
A suburb in New South Wales has been littered with the bodies of thousands of dead bats. Up to 5,000 of the animals dropped
Heaven knows, they made ours. Paul Wood was taking care of his mother-in-law in Oriente, Brazil, when he and his wife noticed
Around 100,000 bats are estimated to have died as a result of the recent heatwave in southern Queensland, an animal charity
Maafushivaru is tiny - just 500 metres long - and I immediately made it my mission to walk the entire thing over the course of a week. I didn't make it because the bar is in the middle, but it's important to have goals.
This may sound like an idyllic, blissful paradise to some people. The beaches! The turquoise waters! The beaches and the turquoise waters together in one place! But to me, it was the source of quite some concern before our Honeymoon. You see, I am a man, and we men need excitement.
We have read how turbines impact human health and after years of mockery from pro-wind groups, we now have the first peer-reviewed, science-based report confirming that turbines do have harmful impacts on humans...
Trish Wimberley of the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre looks after hundreds of orphaned baby bats and rears
We know Batman has a deep and abiding fear of bats, but what does his phobia really mean, what is going on behind his fear
We cant afford street lights in this country now, apparently. Councils all over the land are turning off the lights in a bid to save money.