battlefield hardline

'Battlefield: Hardline' is out now on old- and next-gen consoles and PC. EA's latest Battlefield - while at its core a spin
'Battlefield: Hardline' has won lots of fans since its beta has been running in recent days. But we'll be honest, we weren't
Back at E3 2014, EA announced Battlefield Hardline. This time, instead of being a military shooter, it was all about cops and robbers. They then proceeded to show off some multiplayer content, and offer people the chance to play multiplayer. But at the time they were being very quiet about the single player campaign, until now.
E3 2014 is finally here and Microsoft is on the offensive with Halo 5 set to lead a whole range of Xbox One exclusives for
EA has confirmed that the next entry in its 'Battlefield' FPS series will be unveiled at E3. Unfortunately, they confirmed