If you avoided the film 'Battleship' when it was in cinemas, then well done you. After all, how good was a movie based on
F Scott Fitzgerald once told us there are no second acts in American lives. Taylor Kitsch will be hoping there are possible
Who: Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker
Phew! We were worried Rihanna would be out of the spotlight for a while after her recent health scare, but she's obviously
Rihanna is set to continue her big screen takeover with a villainous role in the next The Fast And The Furious movie, according
From director Peter Berg and 'The toy company that bought you Transformers' comes the latest toy-to-film adaptation, Battleship
Welcome to our every-seventh-day - or as some still insist on calling it: weekly - round-up of Twitter funnies. And if you
Honestly, that Rihanna. She may be 24 years of age, but she's got the mood swings of a teenager. One minute she's all 'look
Who could resist a movie based on that popular childhood game of... E11? Miss, T26? Miss. Zz? I mean the dialogue just writes itself. Well, obviously, any right minded film executive would jettison the core of the license and replace it with aliens. Hollywood? Direct hit.
Another day, another Rihanna post from MyDaily. This time, she was in Sydney (promoting Battleship), and wearing a trench