Bayern Munich

I've been going to watch Arsenal for over 40 years - supporting my team through thick and thin. Arsenal is my one team, for life, and I will continue to pay my hard-earned cash to join thousands of supporters each weekend to cheer, celebrate, and commiserate too. 
There has to be a first time for everything, right? Besides, according to Wenger - who has accepted the blame for Arsenal's European under performance in recent years - Arsenal have the bible on their side.
It's difficult not to feel sorry for Pellegrini. The Chilean has always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, overseeing some of the most thrilling football the Premier League has ever seen. Yet, he's always been pacing the managerial corridor of uncertainty, his future dictated by the deeds of another coach...
The Bayern Munich players enjoyed a day out at Oktoberfest drinking beer and eating pretzels with their wives and partners
The outpouring of German compassion for the Syrian refugees was extended to the boardroom of Bundesliga champions Bayern
Manchester United have as usual been linked to a vast number of players, and one of them to enter the headlines is Bayern Munich's catalyst Bastian Schweinsteiger. Having won everything that is to win, including the World Club Cup, Champions League and seven Bundesliga titles, he should be the perfect fit with experience and winning mentality... right?
The club is understandably trying to tie down Sterling to a new deal, more in fitting with his increasing value, but the latest reports suggest he is unhappy with a £70,000-per-week offer and clubs like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are rumoured to be circling.
Guardiola will be in high demand whenever he decides to move on from Bayern Munich, but the irony is that for precisely the same reasons he was given the opportunity to manage Barcelona, he may well end up getting overlooked for the job at City.
Spanish journalist Marti Perarnau was granted enviable access to Pep Guardiola during his first year in charge of Bayern
Pep Guardiola has revealed he envisages managing Manchester United in the near future in a new book documenting his first