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Charlotte may only be one city in a country of hundreds. But the issues it faces - be they fear or farming - show exactly how much America's new President will have on their to-do list when they get started.
Everyone is exhausted and anxious and the rescue crews work tirelessly to keep them all calm so they don't capsize the boat. After several hours everyone is brought safely on board the rescue ship. Later they're all transferred to the Italian coast guard who will take them to Italy. The Aquarius stays in the rescue zone to search for more dinghies. And so we wait.
It's nearly a year since we took our drubbing and it's pretty self-evident that we have not learned our lessons. Purely politically forced academisation isn't an issue which will sway many votes because to most people other things are far more important. Labour are in danger of picking the wrong fight once more...
A British man who claims he has been fighting alongside jihadi militants in Syria has said he will not return to the UK until
Ed Miliband has become the latest politician to share his tuppence over Gary Barlow's involvement in an alleged tax-dodging
Reading The Sun's Page 3 at work can be classed as sexual harassment, a leading lawyer has warned. The claim was made as
Christmas has come early for on-air blunder fans, with Radio 5 Live's Mark Chapman falling for an absolute cracker of a prank
While some were terribly in awe of Brooks and Coulson, a lot of us recognised even then that they had sold their souls to Murdoch. Now, they are paying the price.