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The BBC has been attacked for spending thousands of pounds of public money on "vanity" paintings of their ex-director generals
In short, Tony is a major turn-around guy. But he knows better than most of us that he really has his work cut out for him now. He may disagree with me, but the truth is that the BBC is another country.
The new boss of the BBC has spoken of his pride on his first day in the job. Lord Hall, who started out as a BBC trainee
The head of the BBC today paid tribute to an employee who died after his car plunged into a river as he and his wife took
Hall's appointment provides a very good reminder of why big decisions should not be made on the basis of irrelevant factors like where someone went to school. Just as a candidate should not be promoted because of an old school tie, he should not be strangled because of it either.
Tony Hall, chief executive of the Royal Opera House, is to be appointed director-general of the BBC, the corporation reported
Somebody tell me what's going on. It seems that every day a new BBC executive is sent skulking to the butchers for a scalping.
This is it - the results of the most hotly anticipated poll that has absolutely no chance of affecting any major BBC decisions
The ten things you need to know on Tuesday 13 November... 1) ABU'S OUT "Laughing in our faces," screams the headline on the
Caroline Thomson is the favourite to become the new director general of the BBC, according to Ladbrokes. Following George
George Entwistle's resignation was described as a "terrible mistake" on Saturday night by Labour's former culture secretary
George Entwistle has resigned as director general of the BBC. The news was announced by Entwistle and BBC Trust Chairman
The director general of the BBC faces an uncertain future on Saturday night over the latest scandal to blight the corporation's
George Entwistle, currently Director of BBC Vision, is to replace Mark Thompson as the Director-General of the BBC, the BBC