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But BBC presenter Clare Balding was among many to defend her programme. In a pre-recorded interview, Mrs Gonzalez Durantez
We need more male survivors of childhood sexual abuse to come forward and we need the media to report their stories. Boys and young men need role models too, so it is time to ask the question, why do the media ignore male survivors?
Polly Harvey is my best friend and I know her to be meticulous and considered in everything she does. The amazing line up of guests for Today she was able to draw from is testament to how well thought of she is.
A war of words has broken out over the veteran journalist John Pilger's allegation that scientific research put the Iraqi civilian death toll at 'up to a million'. Pilger was commenting recently on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme following polling finding most Britons believe only a few thousand died violently in the US and British led invasion, and the years since.
Stuart Hall had a room set aside at the BBC where he could entertain "lady friends" while waiting to appear on screen, a
Squaring up across the Commons chamber is one thing and is a familiar part of Ed Balls and George Osborne's political lives
A strike by BBC journalists over jobs has disrupted programmes, including the flagship Today on Radio 4. TV news was also
The cross-party Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has now published its much anticipated report examining the way in which gambling is and should be regulated in the UK, under the title, The Gambling Act 2005: A Bet Worth Taking?