BBC Radio Bristol

It turned out that Bryan had another album coming out in the New Year, so in true Livvy and Chrissie style - well you have to ask, don't you - we said: "what about US for the next album cover?" Well this is definitely the moment Mr Bryan Ferry showed us why he was called MR.
We interviewed Nick Clegg in a small and noisy constituency office, and he bounced in the room, a bit like Tigger, and was surprising friendly, especially considering he's had a long day of meetings.
When we did a rap song live on air with Charles Hazlewood and Adrian Utley of Portishead as a challenge, it went: "We're Women of a Certain Age....we've got hormonal rage...we get get bothered" and we one of the verses mentioned Smokey in it ......and so we sent him a copy.......not to be a pop star you must realise, more for fun.