BBC top gear

“Top Gear” is set to return next year with Chris Evans in the driving seat. A co-host has yet to be selected, with Evans
As for the BBC, rather than auditioning a load of car buffs, they'd be better off going to the pub with Chris and finding out which of his mates were the best laugh. Who cares if they don't know their Toyota from their Motorola, that's what the researchers are for, right?
His was the star around which the show orbited. James May was the brains, Richard Hammond was the sidekick, the production and editing teams were among the best in the world, but the show needed a Peter Pan.
From my perspective, celebrities (like Clarkson) are admired and looked up to by countless individuals. And as a celebrity, one should do one's best to live above reproach; they should do everything possible to meet those expectations.
You cannot go round hitting people because you don't get the steak you wanted. Sorry it that makes me sexist, PC or humourless! And if someone is on a final warning as was much trumpeted re Clarkson last year, then that's it. You can't get an even more yellow card than that.
Clarkson's exit probably signals a moment to end the show. It's been going on long enough. The programme should go out in top gear; crash over a cliff. It should die a cowboy's death: in a hail of bullets with its boots on rather than limping on for years, sliding down the ratings until it's cancelled for lack of interest.
Dear BBC, We know you're probably struggling to fill Jeremy Clarkson's shoes on Top Gear after fracas-gate, so we thought
Oh dear, here we go again - another Top Gear gaffe. Well, it has been a few weeks since the last one. This time it was Richard