My biggest guilty pleasure this series is Jayne. In the beginning she left no impression on me in the "other" house amongst the rest of them, but four weeks in and she has me. Although the main enjoyment that comes from her place in the house seems to mainly take place within the diary room, she genuinely does strike me as a sweet, sincere woman...
This series has flown. Despite Big Brother's multiple attempts to reignite the series and keep things fresh, I feel hugely underwhelmed. With the final only days away, never in sixteen years have I felt as apathetic to any housemate line-up as I have Timebombs.
Given the majority of originals are not that interesting, the storylines have fundamentally revolved around Brian, Helen and Nikki who have successfully stirred the plot, ruined the peaceful vibe and shown up all the original housemates as one-dimensional bores.
A week ago, I was enthused about this series of Big Brother. Feeling impressed with the line-up, launch night twist and use of this year's "Timebomb" theme, Big Brother's week one stunts had me anticipating more fireworks and a great follow-through for its first few weeks.
Now that the first civilian series has aired since mine, I must admit how good it is to watch my favourite show again without any emotional strings attached. Five days into Big Brother: Timebomb, I'm feeling very excited about this series.
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And then there were six. Whether or not they are the right six, I cannot say I believe all the finalists are entirely deserving of their place in the final week of Big Brother, but it is a game at the end of the day and this series has been an odd one so far, that's for sure.
The new series of ‘Big Brother’ is finally almost upon us, which means that we're going to meet a whole new batch of housemates