I didn't catch the hare; I found it lying by the side of the road after midnight as I drove back from a comedy gig in Bath. I was only 300 metres from home when I saw this soft, golden pile of fur curled up at the bottom of the hedgerow and I hit the brakes sharply.
A judicial review has been launched against the Home Office's controversial decision to allow a facility which breeds beagles
Leading animal rights campaigners have condemned the approval for a controversial farm that will breed beagles for scientific
An advert apparently showing a man attempting to rehome his longtime companion has gone viral. “My girlfriend does not like
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It is understandable that a commercial company will seek to harness the power of Government departments to its efforts. But should BIS and the Foreign Office be seeking to assist their effort to decide the planning application, especially when a Government minister will decide the appeal?
Guilt is a strong emotion - even if you're a dog it would appear. This is Charlie the Beagle and he's about to do something
Three beagles rescued from a UK veterinary laboratory are spearheading a campaign to ban experiments on dogs and cats. Nursing
In which one poor pooch tries, tries and tries again to get at the bottle of water on a well-polished table top... with hilarious