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I asked myself this question earlier this year and decided to find out. I wanted to understand why shoppers are increasingly looking for natural or organic alternatives to the mainstream formulations that have filled bathroom cabinets for decades.
If one day I am blessed with a child, I will teach them that there is unique inherent beauty in every single skin colour. That beauty is not confined to complexion, just as their worth is never confined to their physicalities, nor their race or gender.
With the hope that new jobs in the beauty industry will provide new lives for girls scarred by sex slavery, Cambodian anti-trafficking activist Somaly Mam cut the ribbon for a beauty shop bearing her name in one of the country's prime tourist destinations.
I'm a huge fan of this campaign, not simply because Fake Bake has shunned the easy selling point of associating themselves with a supermodel, but because they are keen to hear from women who take pride in their appearance, but who also have substance and personality - exactly the type of women that real women should be seeing more of in the beauty industry.
Do we ever really know what we are putting on our faces and some of the strange ingredients that may potential be in our daily routines? Here are eight of the most bizarre that you probably would never have thought to put near, never mind on, your face.
It's an exciting time for the Beauty industry but there are many miles still to travel. As a tech entrepreneur involved in Beauty retail, I am passionate about the business of Beauty. Beauty industry - frivolous or fabulous?
Once you start on this path of zero hair tolerance, you have in fact waged war on your follicles and in military terms, they are closely aligned to the Spartans. Now in my late forties... put it this way, if I don't wield the tweezers daily, epilate weekly and wax monthly, I look like Hagrid in lipstick. It's a battle I am losing.
The nice folks at Dove are at it again: in their bid to convince women that they don't have to look on the point of collapse or have preternaturally symmetrical features and skin unmarked by life to be beautiful, they've conducted what they're calling "a compelling social experiment".
A number of fires have broken out in beauty salons, laundrettes and homes all thanks to the essential oils that are commonly