beauty reviews

"Have you considered a digital perm?" asked Sebastian, one of the founding partners, who's the expert in all manner of straightening and curling. Since the words perm conjure up terrifying images of women in Dartford with pubes attached to their heads, I vigorously shook my head. But - I was interested in having a different look.
Another thing that struck me was the lack of honesty in much (not all) beauty journalism. Many glossy mags, beauty columns and blogs simply can't, or won't, be honest because they are beholden to advertisers (it's never a coincidence that brands that advertise are featured editorially or win awards) or don't want to be crossed off a PR firm's Christmas card (and gift) list.
In October, I bought a Clarisonic. I had walked out of an eyebrow appointment on Weybridge High Street, Space NK caught my eye, and I knew I had found my moment. A little early for a Christmas present for myself, but that's what I told myself it was, as I flung the door open and announced, for all to hear - "I need a Clarisonic".