Beauty salon

Salons haven't even reopened, but many are already fully booked in spring.
Where socialising in pubs is an important working class British tradition, Black barbershops and hair salons have long-been revered as safe spaces for people to convene and really be seen in more ways than one. These black hair styling business owners talk about what it means to be open after Covid-19 lockdown and why they are unique community hubs.
The hair salon is a safe space for many Black people. Here, owners discuss the importance of their role in the community.
Measures put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus are now being eased, but there are still some restrictions.
Pubs, cinemas, hair salons and holiday accommodation will open and rules on households meeting eased under Boris Johnson's plans.
Transgender discrimination is rife in Pakistan – so much so that many in the trans community struggle to find somewhere that will even cut their hair. This inspired Bebo Haider, a transgender woman from Pakistan, to open the country’s first trans-friendly salon.
No matter what you try, you just can't seem to get rid of those bags and dark circles. We've heard the joke before, "I could carry a fortnight's shopping under my eyes". If you've said that line before, hallefuckinglujah you're in the right place!