Beijing Olympics

Sport has never been just about playing; it's also about spectating. The start-up of the football season will see many of us yet again travel all over the country (and Europe) in support of our clubs - and we love it. If we didn't have these beautifully constructed arenas designed specifically to accommodate our live viewing experience, sport simply wouldn't be the same...
The past few days confirmed that London is delivering not just the greatest Olympics in history but, more interestingly, the 'coolest'.
When London won the Olympic bid, it was claimed that these would be the 'greenest Olympics ever'. While there have been some important green strides, some of which undoubtedly can be used to inform future major sporting events, it's been disappointing that so many of the initial green pledges have since been dropped.
Great Britain's men took on Argentina in the group stage of the hockey on Monday night in a game that had the potential to
Thousands of people were left disappointed after trying desperately to buy Olympic tickets and missing out - so the sight
What is it about being British? We go and invent all the best sports in the world and then give great sportsmen like Andy Murray a hard time about whether he is more Scottish or more British - or ever going to win at Wimbledon.
I would like to draw your attention to something that I find really interesting about the London Olympic games - that it will be the first time there is a truly social online Olympic event, there is even an online hub connecting fans with athletes.
It is exactly one hundred days until the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games when, under Danny Boyle's direction, thousands of British volunteers will show the world that the UK can match anything China did four years ago.
If we are to stand a chance of not looking like China's sickly, uncoordinated school pal who always gets picked last at games then we need to be bold, controversial and above all, uniquely British. Here are five ways that we can pull off a stonkingly good opening ceremony...
If you learned that double-Olympic and World Champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington, 22, had two older sisters who liked to swim