I wish I could say that my stalker no longer impacts my life. But they do. And they don't just affect my life. They threaten the happiness of my family. My two precious children and my loving husband. And for that I despise them.
Prior to being a mum I enjoyed being busy in London, developing a little jewellery business, which was starting to bud. I loved making the pieces and then having them cast so that multiples could be made to order directly from shops.
For many of us, the minute that we become Mothers we feel a loss of identity and self. Suddenly it is all about looking after another person and we feel like we no longer matter. This feeling rears itself in a number of ways...
You might think you've died and gone to heaven after having a baby and want another one straight away and you might think : never again! Both are acceptable.
Don't feel alone. Being a mum makes you part of the biggest group in the world. There are many support groups out there for mums, be it official support groups or mums meeting up for coffee. Mums welcome other mums - fact!