Being Human

As part of the personalisation message, AI was one of the most banded about words at the show. No surprises there - it's like a check box that any new gadget or app needs to tick. While the best of intentions is meant, the abundance of its use is starting to lose its appeal.
Aidan Turner has sparked romance rumours, thanks to an Instagram snap that shows him posing with his ex-girlfriend Lenora
I confess, there's a part of me which liked seeing someone else get drunk. It was terrible yet magnificent. I liked the thrill of being on the edge looking down at the feeding shark, in a frenzy of pain but also unbridled chaos and freedom.
Supernatural drama 'Being Human' will not return after the current series, BBC3 has confirmed. The show will come to an apocalyptic
Being Human star Lenora Crichlow certainly wasn't left holding the supernatural baby as the new series of the hit BBC3 show
Michael Socha has confessed he used to keep his acting career a secret because it didn't fit in with his image. The 24-year
I know I didn’t think it could get colder than last week, but I was wrong. So that's surely even better reason to stay in
Being Human returns to BBC Three at the end of the month and, after its stars Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan felt it was
After watching the screening, I grabbed a couple of minutes with Huberman - an Irish actress best known in England for being Irish rugby captain Brian O'Driscoll's wife, though she's had a successful decade-long career in her homeland.