being short

Petiteness does come with its advantages, some of which include: being able to squeeze into kid's clothes and shoes, fitting into the tiniest of areas on a crammed tube train and getting awesome stuff in the sales because it fits nobody else. But, at the ripe old age of 23, I'm starting to believe that the pros are definitely outweighed by the cons. Here are a handful of 'em...
Height is just one of the many ways in which our prejudices are formed. It's creating unnecessary barriers for vertically challenged people who have just as much potential as normal-to-above-average height people. It's not the most vital problem out there, but it is a problem nonetheless.
I think it's time for small men to shout from the rooftops about how it's not a crime to be short, how we're just as funny, loving, sexy and masculine as tall men. The only shame is that we have to go up to the rooftops at all - because otherwise no one will see us.