Ben Fogle

The late Sir Wilfred Thesiger seems to be the man of the moment... It is an ironic accolade and tribute to the man given that, when he was alive and in an age where reality TV and celebrity adventurers didn't exist, he never quite received the recognition that he probably deserved.
Ben Fogle "It started when I was holding my daughter and for that, I will never, ever forgive them,” he told the Daily Mirror
The Diamond Jubilee will see London transformed into a four day carnival and I am lucky enough to be in the midst of it. As a reporter for the US network NBC News I will be working alongside the Today show anchor Matt Lauer at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace - but the highlight will be the river pageant on Sunday 3 June.
TV daredevil Ben Fogle flew the Olympic Flame above the canopy of the world's biggest indoor rainforest on Saturday. Presenter
People need to realise that THEY HAVE TO look after their own 'beachyard' personally and as a community. I'm a real believer that if a beach or shoreline is kept in outstanding condition then visitors will follow that lead. In addition to locals rolling their sleeves up they need to create a sense of ownership with their children, so for generations to come our Island is kept beautiful.