Ben Howard

After scratching just under the surface of chart success for about a decade, The Black Keys finally hit the big time around 2011 with El Camino, a foot-stomping, drumming-on-the-wheel, open top American road trip album if there ever was one.
Green Man Festival is is over for another year and what better way to celebrate than by shining a big strobe spotlight on my top ten take aways from the Welsh mountains this time round. Looking forward to seeing you there in 2013...
The Brit Awards 2013: a masterclass in politeness, pleasant behaviour, modesty, good old formulaic pop music and accomplished banjo strumming for anyone over 21. Their mother's would have been proud. But that's precisely the point, their mothers shouldn't be proud.
CHART TOPPERS It seems even One Direction's millions of teenage fans can't stop Rihanna reaching the top spot when she releases
Plan B's chart-topping soundtrack to the film Ill Manors has been nominated for the 2012 Mercury Prize Album of the Year
It is hard to believe that it is now eight years since the first Official Download Chart was launched in the UK. How the world has changed.