Ben Whishaw

The Brits won quite a few of the awards at this year's Golden Globes in Beverly Hills with Olivia Colman, Christian Bale and Ben Whishaw amongst the gongs for best actors and actresses in TV and film.
For years now, Dinklage has managed to maintain his enviable position of being the single best reason to watch Game of Thrones. The idea of him piloting the TARDIS fills me with nothing but joy, even though I'm a sufficiently die-hard fan to approach any change in my beloved show with a mixture of suspicion and fear.
If that's your cup of tea, then great - go ahead and watch it, be my guest (and all that jazz) - but I know many won't like it. It may come across as more-drama-less-action which may alienate some viewers, especially for the way the film is shot. Although remember: this isn't a bad thing.
The Sun and the Mail Online have reported that Ofcom is to investigate new BBC drama ‘London Spy’ after receiving “complaints
The star draw is Ben Whishaw and, my, he oozes charisma and a beguiling erotic enticement as an effeminate and dangerous Dinoysus, the self-proclaimed God of wine, madness and ecstasy.
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Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Cloud Atlas is a sprawling epic, historical, science fiction film that covers six distinct time periods from early settlers in the United States to a post-apocalyptic savage land after the 'fall of humanity' and it's quite unlike almost any other film around.
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One elegantly dressed madly typing on loud keys, another elegant dressed lady standing in the doorway proffering an escape
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Until three weeks ago I'd have said that the problem with representations of journalism in TV drama is that they make it