With great power comes great responsibility, to your fans and loyal customers. And, boy, are Apple's fans loyal. But with such popularity comes the negative stuff too, scrutiny and criticism. Apple has tackled this well - showing integrity with a timely and detailed(ish) response. It's quite unusual for Apple to comment at all.
An American entrepreneur has claimed that his iPhone 6 'caught on fire' in a 'surreal' accident, resulting in a second-degree
Whether it likes it or not, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been unceremoniously dragged into the 'Bendgate' argument after
The iPhone 6 can't catch a break. You know, other than becoming the fastest-selling and best-reviewed phone of the year. It's
Samsung is the latest major smartphone manufacturer to suffer a public design issue after reports of a gap between the screen
Luxury iPhone case maker Gresso has come to the aid of those who are still concerned that they might accidentally bend their
Just when you thought #Bendgate was going away... With one YouTube channel bending all the phones, including the iPhone 6
The week that David Cameron revealed that the Queen 'purred': And the week that the member of Take That who's not Gary, Robbie
Apple has finally responded to claims that its new iPhone 6 Plus is prone to "bending" in users' pockets. Known as "#bendgate
Apple has so far been keeping quiet on so-called #bendgate -- IE a reasonably small number of iPhone 6 Plus users somehow