benefit cuts

David Cameron's benefit cuts have been savaged by 27 bishops, who say they have caused a "national crisis". The Church of
But given that disabled people are more hit by the cuts than any other group of people; they shouldn't have just kept Sue and Dee in the line-up: They should have had additional disabled people up there too.
Iain Duncan Smith has lashed out at the Council of Europe's "lunacy" for calling on the UK to raise the amount of benefits
A grandfather has been found dead after reportedly telling friends he had become distressed by his financial circumstances
Those who read newspapers or listen to politicians are fed the same diet of anti-claimant rhetoric which bears little resemblance to the grinding reality of life on the dole, which provides only poverty-level income and vulnerability. So here are seven truths about benefits and joblessness to help balance the debate...
The family of a man with severe learning disabilities say his funding was slashed - without him being assessed.
The Conservative Party has stepped up its attack on the BBC, accusing the broadcaster of "irresponsible" negative coverage
The five things you need to know on Friday 19 July 2013... 1) CAMERON 'CAREFUL' ON CROSBY QUESTIONS Twelve times David Cameron
George Osborne could be forced to raise an extra £6bn in taxes after the 2015 general election despite his latest round of
Some are up in arms that a millionaire spent £10 on a burger. Us? Not so much. Probably because that seems like a fairly