benefit fraud

Linda Nolan has spoken out about her shame for being investigated for benefit fraud, explaining it was all "an innocent mistake
Dear Boris, Yesterday on your Facebook page, you posted a lengthy diatribe against 'Lefties', which captured my interest.
If it is "cost" that truly concerns us, why do we focus so much attention on "benefit fraud" or even welfare, which relatively have an invisible economic impact? Is our concern genuine, or is it more an issue of bitterness?
The immigration Rubicon is in front of us. The question is whether the prime minister is ready to cross it. On the other side lies controlling EU migration by quotas. What's left is the option of controlling migration by ending in work and out of work benefits. If the Prime Minister chooses quotas he will have crossed an irreversible line.
A 54-year-old "hoarder" has been given a suspended jail sentence for concealing the body of his elderly mother in a freezer
Today the government launched its most recent benefit fraud campaign. They've had these before and it's unclear what effect they had. Did they result in more calls to the benefit fraud hotline? Does more calls mean more detection of fraud, or more unnecessary fraud investigations?
Anyone who examines the facts knows that benefit fraud is a minor problem. Tax fraud is 15 times bigger, unclaimed benefits 17 times bigger, benefit cuts are 22 times bigger and tax evasion is 30 to 70 times bigger. In the context of our national finances benefit fraud is near irrelevant...
Keir Starmer QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has revealed that the worst benefit cheats will now be jailed for up
The worst benefit cheats will be locked up for up to 10 years under tough new rules, it has been announced. In a new crackdown
A 49-year-old man who performed on stage as a spike-heeled drag queen, has been jailed for wrongly claiming £88,000 in disability
A mother has been found guilty of fraudulently pocketing more than £350,000 in benefits and tax credits by claiming her children
A mother who won £95,000 on the television show 'Deal Or No Deal' has pleaded guilty to benefit fraud. Caroline Banana, 40
MPs have raised fears that the government's huge welfare shake-up actually leaves the system more open to benefit fraud. A
Fraud is always a problem. Lying and cheating is wrong and society should certainly discourage it. But benefit fraud - people lying and cheating in order to increase the size of their benefits - is not a big problem. There are many problems which are much bigger, in particular fraud by government.
The current government's presentation of its policies to tackle a massive public debt is an object lesson in the effective use of the Big Lie. Pathologically opposed to any measures which might unduly affect the "wealth-creating potential" of the better-off, they are nevertheless determined to make massive reductions in public expenditure, and have targeted the Welfare Budget as a potential source of great savings.
Benefit claimants are being assessed by lie detecting technology in a clampdown on fraudulent claims by Southwark Council
A married couple have admitted to illegally claiming state benefits to maintain their son's private school education and
BBC Rogue Traders presenter Dan Penteado was jailed for 12 weeks for council tax and housing benefit fraud worth more than
A convicted rapist who won nearly £5 million on the lottery admitted fraudulently claiming around £13,000 in benefits on
BBC Rogue Traders presenter Dan Penteado pleaded guilty on Tuesday at Bournemouth magistrates' court to illegally obtaining