benefit tourism

The Government has failed to provide any evidence to prove that migrants are travelling to the UK in order to receive in
The immigration Rubicon is in front of us. The question is whether the prime minister is ready to cross it. On the other side lies controlling EU migration by quotas. What's left is the option of controlling migration by ending in work and out of work benefits. If the Prime Minister chooses quotas he will have crossed an irreversible line.
David Cameron has unveiled a further clampdown on European migrants' ability to claim benefits in a bid to tackle what he
The reality is that in the case of Romanians 'benefit tourism' is a myth because from 5.7million working age benefit claimants in the UK last year, only 1,740 were Romanians, which represents 0.03% of the total claimants, or 1.45% of the Romanian community in Britain. To compare, the percentage of working age benefit claimants for the whole UK population is 9.5%.
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Recent immigrants to Britain are better educated, pay more taxes and draw less state benefits than native Britons. The findings
Listening to Theresa May announcing the Home Office's new Immigration Bill on the Today programme last week was a dispiriting and desultory experience...