Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defied expectations to win the country's elections in a dramatic result that
Netanyahu was not making a case against any deal with Iran. He was making a case for a tougher deal with stronger and clearer conditions that does not leave Iran within touching distance of a nuclear weapon. He called for, "A better deal that Israel and its neighbours may not like, but with which we could live, literally."
Benjamin Netanyahu boosted his domestic election chances with a high-profile speech to a joint session of US Congress on
In the aftermath of another sickening attack on Europe's Jews, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet again urged
Benjamin Netanyahu has appeared in a party political advert ahead of Israel’s general election in March in which the prime
Netanyahu's comments were not something helpful for French Jews to hear in the wake of the Paris attack, European Jewish
It is difficult to believe that Hannah Weisfeld is an "employee of Hamas". The 33-year old English literature graduate from
Israelis need to confront a truth that too often is ignored: they too have their zealots, and their murderers. They too have spokesmen who glorify mass murder. When they recoil in horror from the triumphalism of some Palestinian groups, they need to remember - just occasionally - to look in the mirror... the sad truth is that Israelis have grown far too confident that their overwhelming firepower - and the continued support of the US Congress - makes them invincible. It does not.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared his country's recent bombing campaign in Gaza to the US-led strikes against
Apparently we are presented with two monochromatic sides of this argument, Team Israel vs. Team Gaza, and failure to select one on the basis of who is or is not a terrorist means that your opinion is unlikely to rear its humdrum head in mainstream news or grant you a few thousand followers on Twitter.