best gadgets 2013

Given its huge popularity (and permanent place in our own best tablets list, cough), it's hardly surprising that Google is
A new app has been designed to let you see how a new TV would look in your living room - without having to buy one. The app
With lots of talk about what features early prototypes of iPhone and iPad may have had, it's clear these extra functionalities are important to the way we use our gadgets. I see this as the next big trend for smartphone cases and it will be interesting to see if manufacturers pick up on the need to add features that allow us to more fully immerse our gadgets into our lives.
In typically exuberant and voluminous style Samsung has announced a slew of new products, including a tablet which runs both
The world's largest LED TV has arrived in Europe - if you have £12,000 spare and a massive living room with an empty wall
Thanks to Somo Global for the chance to try Google Glass, even if we left with a few more questions than answers - as you
SOL Republic impressed us last year when we tried out their Tracks HD headphones. But to be truthful - and as you can probably
HTC recently released their latest Android based smartphone, the HTC One. One of the the features that HTC were really pushing was the new camera and its features, including a new one called HTC Zoe. In order to show how well the camera works with Zoe, I went on a walking tour of East London to check out what it could do.
Nokia already makes excellent smartphone hardware, and a phone with an exceptionally amazing 41-megapixel camera. But so
The FitBit Flex is the most recent entry in the expanding line-up of personal data trackers - also known as fitness wristbands
Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini a - you guessed it - slightly smaller cousin of its recently released S4 flagship
So you want to buy some speakers, but you don't know where to start? We can't blame you. The time when you just popped down
Apple's iPhone is one of the world's best-selling - and according to CEO Tim Cook the best-loved - smartphones in the world
So you want to get fit, and you want some exercise gadgets to help you do it? Now more than ever, you're spoiled for choice
We recently produced our definitive-ish list of the best 9 headphones you can buy. But eagle-eyed readers will have noticed
So you're looking for a camera but you don't know where to start? That's hardly surprising, even the best cameras of 2015
Nokia has launched its latest high-end smartphone with a new metal design and its most advanced camera yet. The Lumia 925
How do you go about buying a TV? For most people it's as simple as wandering into their nearest electronics megastore, picking
Cameras come in many sizes and shapes - almost all of them hideously complex. The range of possible features and specs is
E-readers are more complicated to buy than actually use. Most of the devices in this class are single-purpose, deliberately