best gadgets 2014

October 10 Google sheepishly unveils its new "modular" smartphone, allowing users to replace their own processors, memory
Some of these I covered in my previous review: Windows 8.1 is an imperfect mess. There are not enough good tablet apps. Etc
If you have a particularly pathological need to own the world's slimmest smartphones, it's time to book a plane to China
Whether you need your technology to clean the house, keep you fit, or deliver top-notch sound to your ears, 2014 has been
The Nexus 6 is out now from Google Play. Key Features 5.96-inch 2560 x 1440 display Android 5.0 13-megapixels camera 184
When it comes to audio products like headphones and in-earphones, Bowers & Wilkins is one of the premium brands you're naturally
If your taste in smartphones trends towards the high-power, low-cost side of things, it's quite frustrating to live here
The Xbox One TV Tuner is out now for £25. The Xbox One always had ambitions to be more than just a games console. That's
The iPad Air 2 is available now from Apple. Key Features: A8X processor Improved, less reflective screen 8-megapixels camera
We've counted. Apple now makes 56 iPads, if you count all the colour, data type and storage size variations. So which is