Beveridge Report

There is a debate continuing around the social security system on whether those who have paid in more should get back more when they need it... There are two crucial factors missing from this debate.
If charges are necessary - and I don't run the NHS budget, so I don't know - then it needs to be done very carefully. There needs to be complete consideration of the principle of the NHS - that people who can't afford healthcare should not remain ill or unable to work for that reason.
Most people in the UK, quite rightly, want to help the destitute, the poor, the struggling. It is the mark of a decent, as well as comparatively rich, democracy. But it was never seen as possible or desirable for the taxpayer to take the place of the breadwinner for long-term jobless households
In the seventy years since Beveridge published his report, Britain has changed radically. Society is now more open, more informed and more aware, especially of politics. It's probably fair to say that one person's ideas cannot now hold as much weight as his did, especially if they were coming from under the radar of public consciousness.