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Celebrities are grappling with how to respond to a website that posted what appears to be private financial information about
As if we weren't already excited enough about Beyonce's forthcoming 'Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' (and we don't mean to sound
It is official: Beyoncé is one hot mamma and here are the pics to prove it. The singer has stripped down to her negligee
Beyonce casts her vote And the star couple's support didn't go unnoticed by the President himself as he paid respect to Beyonce
When you're as loaded as Beyoncé and Jay-Z you'd think you could have anything you wanted in the world, right? Errrrm, not
Beyonce used to be notoriously secretive about her private life, but she has now given us a rare glimpse into her world, opening
It's been six months since Blue Ivy Carter entered our world, and mama Beyoncé and papa Jay-Z have been careful to hide her
Beyonce's dance routines are usually so polished you could see your face in them, so it's nice to see her doing some moves
Beyonce and Jay-Z are besties with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow so it's little surprise they were front row guests at
London is fast becoming a hotspot for A-list stars - Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are reportedly looking for a home in the city