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Beyonc√© is set to star in the forthcoming remake of Disney‚Äôs ‚ÄėThe Lion King‚Äô. The singer confirmed she will voice Nala in
Tamba's top tip when it comes to names is to beware of choosing names that rhyme, sound similar or are easily confused with each other. We have heard of close calls when it came to administering drugs to babies on the neonatal ward who had very similar sounding names.
Black empowerment and freedom against oppression has become a running theme on a seemingly annual basis. Whilst one cannot
Lemonade appears to be closing the door on a chapter. A door intrusively pushed ajar by an unsuspecting elevator surveillance tape. The public clamoured for an explanation, however, Beyonce's true response was never likely to please everybody.
Ordinarily, a new Beyoncé track is always an earth shattering, stop-whatever-you're-doing moment. The bass thumping song Formation gives us what we've long become accustomed to from her: brazen female strength, an unapologetic embrace of female sexuality, and an unashamed love for herself and her accomplishments. But Bey reaches new political heights in this song.
A startling pattern I noticed was that the majority of critiques disseminating across the net were from those who were NOT Indian, yet who felt the need to speak on behalf of a culture which was not theirs.
Sadly September temperatures are too chilly for displaying the skin necessary to show off a flash tat, but now the rest of
This just in… Beyoncé is a human being. And, like other human beings, Beyoncé is, shock horror, not perfect. And you may
Beyoncé and Jay Z at Solange's wedding Tina added: “She took a shower and in two hours, she showed up at the reception and