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 Beyoncé is a human being. And, like other human beings, Beyoncé is, shock horror, not perfect. And you may
A video clip of Beyoncé looking dead-eyed and swaying as she watches a basketball game with her hubby Jay Z has left many
BeyoncĂ© appears to have hit back at critics who claim she’s been photoshopping her own pictures, by posting a (literal) rebuttal
Beyoncé has shared a family photo which sees Jay Z and Solange Knowles pictured together for the first time since their infamous
BeyoncĂ© on Saturday night, where her tattoo looks more faded than usual The number ‘4’ obviously holds a place close to Beyoncé’s
BeyoncĂ© has delighted fans by sharing snaps of her family vacation on Tumblr in recent weeks, however the ‘Single Ladies
Beyoncé's performance at the 2014 Grammys was one of her most memorable yet and proved it's possible to do sexy but stay
As if we weren't already excited enough about Beyonce's forthcoming 'Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' (and we don't mean to sound
It's once of life's great questions - just how does a worldwide superstar spend her 31st birthday? By hiring a fat off yacht
Beyonce used to be notoriously secretive about her private life, but she has now given us a rare glimpse into her world, opening