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Civil liberties campaigners have claimed a victory against a proposed expansion of authorities' power to spy on your phone
The housing crisis affects people in many ways, but one of the most obvious shifts we've seen is the number of us who can't afford a home of our own. The large deposits required to buy are only a pipe dream, whilst we live in the expensive private rented sector, or stick at home with our parents. The impacts hit hardest for younger people.
Effort being put into supporting police involvement in mental health demand however, still leaves the fundamental question - often undiscussed - about the extent to which we rely upon the police service in our mental health system and the extent to which we should want them involved. Do we want people in crisis to be arrested or brought into contact with flashing blue lights before then providing a nurse-led response that is more appropriate than a police officer with comparatively limited training?
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Has there ever been an election where housing (or the lack of it) has been so high on the agenda? There can be no questioning of the fact that the current young generations are having things much more difficult when it comes to affording homes whether it be owning them or renting them and whilst this is in general a national problem the issue is highly acute in London.
If you were in any doubt as to how difficult it is to afford to buy your own home, or how much this has changed over the
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Smashing communities, laying up trouble and expense for the future. What can we do? Politicians are criminals. Vote for who you believe in. Tactical voting is rubbish. After the election, fight for every issue. Demonstrate. Build the public debate. Talk to people. The social media can help to build a wave of opposition to government crimes against humanity. Talk, talk, inform yourself. And most important show your face: Demonstrate. Build the opposition, see what happens - take it from there.
Supply is the big political issue we're finally reaching consensus on - but in the meantime, renters deserve a meaningful debate. There are 11million of us - and we're not going anywhere soon.
The hidden cost of the housing crisis is the toll on our mental health Mental health charity Mind says poor housing or being