Beyond the Bombings

When the bombs happened we realised very quickly, ourselves and other specialist services, that there would be a massive group of people who would be affected as a result of the atrocity. There has been a lot of research looking at other terrorist incidents which suggests around 30-40% of people who are directly exposed to an attack of this nature go on to develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other mental health problems.
When 10 years later you still feel like you have dropped your keys down the drain, redemption is a bit more mysterious. I don't find comfort in the comparison between what was and what is, but in the presence of One who shares in our suffering and offers us hope.
Steve Brookstein He wrote: "10 years ago I was heading home from New York and Barcelona after celebrating a No1 album. Totally
The nation fell silent today in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the bombings that rocked the capital on 7 July
For all journalists these type of events will occur a number of times during a career. Some make their name from how they report or handle them. Most, like me, just do a job and move on. Hearing the stories of that day ten years ago reminds me that for many 'moving on' is not really an option.​
As London struggled to comprehend the violence which attempted to tear it apart on 7 July 2005, Ken Livingstone delivered
A major shift in education policy is needed in order to educate young people about tolerance and different faiths, a report
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As we reflect, ten years on, on a dark day in London's history, we remember our city's proud history of dealing with whatever is thrown at it and look forward, together, to doing the same with the current challenges we face and those that are bound to confront us in the years ahead. For London is, at its very best, a place of optimism, of hope and of an age-old determination to build a future that is brighter than the past.
A defiant Boris Johnson has said that ten years on from 7/7, London is a better city than ever before. In an exclusive blog