Beyond the Bombings

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It will be little comfort to those people that SAN exists or that the London 7/7 commemoration is taking place, but over the months and years, those united by such terrible circumstances will start to help and support each other to cope and recover and to form a powerful force for social change.
Gill Hicks embraces Pc Maxwell who rescued her from the wreckage of the 7/7 attacks Hicks presented PC Maxwell with a higher
On 8 July 2005 I opened a copy of The Times and was disturbed to see a familiar face staring back at me from the front page. For a few minutes I struggled to work out why I knew this man. Then I realized it was a photograph taken on an assignment I had been on and I had interviewed the leader of Britain's first suicide bombers.
The role the internet plays in radicalisation is poorly understood. It is generally held that offline factors are at the heart of what turns young men and women to turn to violent extremism. Nevertheless, ten years after 7/7, digitally-driven radicalisation is a reality that must be at the centre of any attempts to counter terrorist narratives...
To mark the 10 year anniversary of the London 7/7 terrorist attacks, HuffPost UK is running Beyond The Bombings, a special
After a long agonizing 45 minutes of panic, anxiety and fright I heard a distant voice saying "it's police, we are coming to get you." I still remember the huge relief I felt that moment, it was the biggest sense of relief in the 22 years of my life. When I came out of 7/7 I believed I had been given a second chance.
In the early aftermath of the London 7/7 bombings, journalists were already claiming that the day's events would prove a
Home Secretary Theresa May lays flowers at the scene where 38 people were killed by terrorists in Tunisia In 2013-2014, hate
Whilst the London Bombings occurred 10 years ago this month, one only has to look at the cascade of news reports of traumatic events in the UK, and further afield, which affect people from all nations. For those who are affected by PTSD, or indeed by other mental health disorders related to traumatic exposure such as clinical depression, specific phobia or substance misuse, life after traumatic events can be very challenging.