Beyond The Mediterranean Diet

People who have the time and resources enjoy the sense of adventure that comes along with the travel experience. However, traveling from one place to another creates challenges and often feels more like work than a vacation.
This soup is the most iconic Greek soup, known for its two main ingredients: eggs (avgo) and lemon juice (lemono). If you like a thick soup, dissolve two tablespoons of cornstarch in warm water and add it to the broth before you add the egg mixture.
Sicily is intriguing as it conjures up notions of the Mafioso culture so famously exaggerated in American movies. As I flew into Catania from Milano, I had images of crazy drivers with musical accents wearing wife-beaters (sleeveless underwear) in the heat of the summer.
When visiting Peru, don't miss a visit to the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. It is in this region where you can experience truly authentic Peruvian cuisine and sample more than seven ancient super-foods that were known to provide energy and sustenance for the labor-intensive life of the Incan warriors and farmers of long ago.
Sorry to sound like a downer, but let's face it, we can agree that airline food is mediocre at its best. No matter the propaganda sent out by the airline's marketing "mad-men", five-star cuisine and reheated food just don't mesh.
The challenge isn't how many teaspoons we add to our coffee or sprinkle over our oats. It's the huge quantities that seem to be secretly added to our prepared and packaged foods that make it nearly impossible to abide by the guideline.