Even by Old Testament standards, the story of Noah and the Ark is pretty, well, Biblical in proportion. All of the world's
The university's feminist society labelled the decision "hugely discriminatory, deeply offensive and sexist to women"; no argument from me there, but just apply this quote to religion in general, whose history is mired in inescapably revolting attitudes towards women, and you need not change the phraseology.
More than a third of people believe many Religious Education teachers do not know enough about Christianity to be able to
Translators wrestle with an author's carefully chosen words and try to find a way to represent the same ideas, the same feelings, the same sounds and rhythm, and the same associations and allusions into a different tongue.
A bible used by Elvis Presley today sold at auction for £59,000. The holy book, given to Presley on his first Christmas in
Comments by Jeremy Paxman in which he called the Bible's book of Genesis "hogwash" during an edition of Newsnight have been
The result? The kindle word, which appears eight times in War And Peace, (which in itself might warrant translation concerns for Tolstoy) was edited into extinction and replaced by 'nook'.
Peterson Toscano is an American gay Christian activist and performer. That's an awful lot of labels. He's also an actor, a Quaker, a survivor of the 'Ex-Gay Movement', a comedian, a playwright and an actor, to add a few more. Personally, I just found him charming, smart and funny. And that's why I'll be going to see his show involving transgender readings of the Bible at a Christian festival in August.
The hunt for Joseph Kony is for Africa what the hunt for Osama Bin Laden was for America, according to an African defence
I am not a fan of Professor Richard Dawkins. His simplistic, superficial and zealous attitude to faith is unbearably smug. His certainty in his own, eternal rectitude is not only obnoxious but betrays his sketchy commitment to the very skepticism he demands of others.
Perhaps it is fair to say that Cameron doesn't really consider religious values unless he has been asked to give a speech defending their importance.
When I think about managing identities and privileges within an organisation, one of my favorite analogies for the whole privileged identity lifecycle is biblical. Everything starts 'in the beginning' with a super user.
If you can't imagine a world without great literature and fascinating ideas and intercultural understanding - and if you don't want to imagine such a world either - do your part and read translated literature. Go on. I dare you.
The bible. Not easy to relate to these days. I mean, what does the 21st century woman have in common with the women who appear in the bible? Eve, Esther, Delilah - what do they know about the pressures of trying to juggle running your own business with having a life outside of work? Did they stress about never having enough hours in the day to get everything done?
I must first start by stating that this blog is not a philosophical premise so much as it is the culmination of thoughts about language. Of late I have been torn between the idea that language is a key sign of higher consciousness in our species but that it is also our enemy.
Every school is to be sent a copy of the King James Bible to mark the 400th anniversary of its translation, it was revealed
2011 marks the 400th year anniversary of the publication of the first official English translation of the Bible. Known as the King James Bible, it has been described by many religious scholars and clergymen as a "national epic", and despite the popularity of a certain quidditch-playing wizard, it is still the most widely read book ever.
Gag-merchants Matthew Mark and Luke N. John booked themselves a place in comedy heaven with Jesus and his 12 Apostles. This startlingly inventive story of a loony carpenter and his rag-tag bunch of followers was the Word in event television.