bideford council

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has moved to restore the legal basis for councils to hold prayers at the start of business
A town council is to appeal against a High Court ruling that banned Christian prayers as part of council business at the
Christians and community figures have vowed that a High Court decision to outlaw the centuries-old tradition of formal prayers
The decision by the High Court to ban prayers at a local council meeting has been slammed by politicians and faith groups
The NSS's misguided campaign to rid our public life of any hint that religious people might be a part of it simply continues the impression that religious people and non-religious people are not able to function together, respecting each other's differences, without all out war.
As we contemplate the implications of the High Court decision that the saying of prayers as part of local council business is illegal, the National Secular Society is bracing for an absolute torrent of abuse, exaggeration, misrepresentation and hysteria from conservative sources.
A test case bid to outlaw prayers before local council meetings has been won by the National Secular Society and an atheist
A pressure group, which campaigns against "established state religion", has told a High Court judge that a council was acting