big bang

In case you were clinging to any hope that the earth isn’t just spinning around in a vast and directionless universe, let
What better time to celebrate careers in engineering, and the often unsung contribution engineers and technicians make to societies all over the world? There really is no better time to make a unique contribution of your own.
A new model of quantum mechanics has suggested that the Big Bang might not have actually happened. It’s a fringe theory at
A scientific paper hailed across the globe as ‘smoking gun’ evidence for the theory of cosmic inflation was probably wrong
By blindly insisting the creation myth of the Semitic tribes who became the Jewish people is fact - and telling children it is a valid alternative to the Big Bang - evangelical Christians are attributing to God the lack of imagination that cripples their own view of both humanity and the wider universe.
The ground-breaking announcement that cosmologists had found an echo of the Big Bang has been rubbished - by a Creationist
We already knew that the announcement this week of the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation could rock the foundations
In modern physics, no discovery or theory is made in isolation. Breakthrough findings -- like the so-called 'holy grail' evidence
A leading British physicist has hailed the discovery of evidence of cosmic inflation as "the most significant discovery for
An echo of the universe's cataclysmic birth has been detected by scientists in a landmark discovery described as the "Holy