big bang

The Big Bang - a pretty difficult concept to get your head round, right? How could there be absolutely nothing before it
As Aurelius states if there is such a being that comprehends like us virtue and the good life then they will understand my conclusions. I will not live my life fearing an unjust celestial being that needs appeasing by frivolous tokens of submission to outrages gestures. My intention is to try and live a good life without such an entity.
An alternative theory to the Big Bang has been proposed - and it's as mind-blowing as it is totally hypothetical. The theory
The Big Bang was strange -- and we still don't understand it, said Professor Stephen Hawking in his latest speech. But whatever
Scientists have created a 'high fidelity' simulation of what the Big Bang sounded like. Despite there being no one around
Astronomers have photographed what could be the most ancient galaxy ever spotted in the universe. The picture is said to
Bankers used to synonymous with boring. They used to be the most dull people on the high street, and by dull mean dependable, stolid, trustworthy. The most uptight, emotionally constipated and risk averse character in Dad's Army was a bank manager.
A mysterious, gigantic arc of light residing behind a massive cluster of galaxies has been discovered by astronomers. It
All evidence suggests that neutrinos have mass, but of such a small amount that it is assumed to be negligible. As they travel so fast, their mass must necessarily be tiny - this leads on to the physics controversy of 2011: the saga of the faster-than-light neutrinos.