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Inflation has fallen to its lowest rate in four and a half years according to official figures, but it is still eating away
George Osborne's political boost today from figures showing an increasing number of Britons in work has been undermined by
The coalition has received a boost from the news that average pay rises have outstripped inflation for the first time in
The banks have admitted guilt and they are paying us back for all the dodgy deals they got into! Well, not really. Banks are, in effect, 'fessing up to having behaved fraudulently or criminally. However what 'settling' means is actually 'paying regulators to shut up and stop asking difficult questions'.
Chancellor George Osborne's backing of proposals to jail reckless bankers has come under fire as a mere 'symbolic gesture
The problem for the hard pressed banks' Chief Information Security Officers is that today's attacks are not noisy ego driven dares by bored youngsters, rather they are well-funded, highly motivated attacks by criminal gangs using the full power of the internet to resource and carry them out. It is also all about making money rather than fame as the motivation for such hacks and attacks.
C'mon bankers. Re-invent banking. This is a big opportunity. Then you'll find your customers will come up with a more, ahem, grown up and positive sobriquet.
Debt is hardly something new and what it does to a life are not new either. Emerson, as a socially concerned person in 1936, understood it well and expressed in a way that feels powerfully close to us today.
You're all familiar with the bell curve right? I'm sure you remember studying it at school...
Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King today made a fresh appeal for fairness in bankers' pay and bonuses. Sir Mervyn told