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Our solution to this problem was to increase the number of languages and the number of pharmacies enrolled so that each pharmacy can give us fewer surveys and we can still hit data collection targets.
Let's forget about the 'life stories' of our potential leaders, and let's not criticise (or laud) them for the jobs they did before entering politics. Let's instead judge them on more basic criteria: are they capable, are they trustworthy, what do they believe in? What do they stand for? And can they actually lead effectively?
Take one NHS with a finite budget, running up an extensive deficit. Balance this against medicine development costs of more
The crux of my problem with the current debate is that this just isn't one of those decisions we make for our families alone. This isn't one of the times where you get to weigh it up and make the call. This isn't about your individual freedom, its about basic community responsibility.
We've come a long way in recent times in our ability to talk about mental health. Increasingly people are able to admit when they're struggling, to realise that they need help, and we're slowly, albeit too slowly for my liking, chipping away at the stigma that surrounds mental illness. But then something like this pops up.
Britain's largest drug company is to begin trails of an experimental Ebola vaccine, as a top public health official warned
Listening to the news about NICE turning down yet another cancer drug has made me very sad and a little puzzled. In the space of 10 days two new drugs - Kadcyla and Abiraterone, that would give valuable extra time to breast and prostate cancer sufferers respectively, have been refused because of cost.
It could be said that the investment of resources into a cure that could carry a price-tag of £1m plus per person to turn a profit is, in purely financial terms, a ridiculous thing to do. With many pharmaceutical companies linking their moral accountability solely with their shareholders, for those who contract unprofitable, neglected diseases it's often a case of "bad luck" and in many cases "goodbye".
Last year I put my house on the market. Mostly, I'm too busy to notice the clutter and untidiness that accompanies the life of a lone mum working full time, but I guessed the prospective viewers might...
UK plc should not pay for Pfizer's crisis of innovation. AstraZeneca is a strategically important company to the UK, developing vital drugs both here and around the world. A takeover driven by tax efficiency and cash dividend rather than research and innovation imperils the future of UK science, research jobs, and exports.