bikini body

I really don't appreciate being told by magazines that my body is somehow not 'bikini ready' because I haven't subjected myself to laser treatments, juice diets and vibrating plates in the salon. That's just insulting! My body is bikini ready as soon as I buy a bikini, thank you very much.
The cold season doesn't have to be about lying around eating koeksisters and drinking hot chocolate.
I know I'll get the weight off eventually and I may not look as good as I did before and feel as confident when I look in the mirror but I'm more than enough. I'm trying to embrace I just look a bit more curvier and bottom heavy right now. I'm still worthy of self love, acceptance and to still feel truly content within even I'm a few pounds heavier that doesn't take away my worth. And it shouldn't take away yours either.
Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, the term 'bikini body' is banned. The phrase, which is a battle cry for women to put away
Over the years, I have learnt that my scars make people uncomfortable. I had become ashamed of my body and soon other people's disgust became my own and this was allowed to be the case because of one simple reason - I had no one to talk to about it.
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Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we've banned the phrase bikini body - not only does the gender-specific term suggest that we
This fairly harmless impulse to look good has been leapt upon by diet companies and magazines as some annual ritual, as if getting in shape or being healthy the rest of the year matters not. My key gripe, is that it sums up the biggest problem with exercise and diet: that it is primarily to lose weight.
I have a strange relationship with my stomach. It's a bit like the one I had with my first boyfriend - I really love it, but I treat it mean. Since hitting 30, it's being mean back. I've noticed a circle of flesh around my belly button that feels like a doughnut - come to think of it, it may be a doughnut.
In the run up to the hottest weekend of the year (so far) HuffPost UK Lifestyle are delighted to wish the bikini a very happy
As many of us are preparing our bodies for the beach; or at least trying to shift our wobbly bits in order to don t-shirt and shorts with a smile, I've put together some simple tips to help you lose fat, feel healthier, and earn that ice cream next time we're enjoying a weekend heat wave.
While the British summer may be punctuated by grey skies, many will be lucky enough to jet off to sunnier climes and enjoy
Want a sexy, toned bikini body ready for the summer? Then it's time to take action. We've got three key areas you need to focus on to ensure you're looking beach-alicious in time for peak season. So dust off those winter cobwebs and get ready to follow our guide to getting a top bikini body.
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