Bill Bratton

If you search #myNYPD on Twitter you will see a barrage of images of police brutality, which is not what New York's finest
My question, as a teacher who does not want to wake up to a news story about one of her children being stabbed to death in a brawl, is which death will finally prompt our authorities to take a more frank and honest view of what is going on in London?
Bernard Hogan-Howe, the new commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has said he is "open minded" about transferring responsibility
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Home Secretary Theresa May has ruled out the appointment of a US "supercop" as the new head of Scotland
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Former US police chief Bill Bratton has hit out at critics opposing the Government's consultation of
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Rank and file police officers are "angry" at the Prime Minister's decision to contact US "supercop" Bill
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Downing Street has insisted it had not approached anyone to be the next Metropolitan Police commissioner