Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has refused to rule out the possibility that his wife Hillary will launch a second attempt at becoming president
Before President Bill Clinton was President Bill Clinton, the 42nd Governor Of Arkansas appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show
The Bad Lip Reading team have been poking fun at folk for a good long while now, be it politicians or pop stars, but it's
When the Queen shakes the hand of Martin McGuinness in Northern Ireland it will mark a significant moment in history. While
Occasionally, among the static noise of 24-hour news, there comes a speech that matters. Yesterday's by David Cameron, on welfare reform, was one of them.
Toned, tanned and rippling with muscles, these body builders present a whole new face of female beauty. The eye-catching
Amanda Knox, the American who was successfully cleared of murdering her British housemate in 2011, is planning to write her
John Naughton is a rare and exotic creature. Having just read his bio we seem to share an Irish heritage and as children
Asian populations worldwide are starting 15 days of celebrations as the Year of the Dragon breathes fire into the Chinese
Quick quiz: what's the one thing you don't want to bring up when interviewing Bill Clinton on TV? Perjury? "Don't Ask Don't