Bill Murray

Altogether now: awww! Because this week's Top 10 Funny Viral Videos round-up kicks off with an ikkle kitten trying to wake
The Charleston River Dogs are a Minor League baseball team based in Charleston, South Carolina. Their Director of Fun (no
From George Osborne with his back against the wall to Bill Murray with his back to the paparazzi, take a look at some of
It's always a big deal to have your film appear at Cannes, let alone the opening night, and this year that honour goes to
Many dilemmas in life can be answered by asking oneself one simple question: "What would Bill Murray do?" And if you were
Cue Sonny and Cher, everyone, because it's... Groundhog Day! Yes, it's time to celebrate the event that gave its name to
UPDATE: Bad news, everyone, as a certain groundhog has seen his shadow this year, which means... six more weeks of winter