Bill of Rights

"If we don’t learn from our previous mistakes and continue with our arrogance, our people will hit us where it hurt the most, at the polls."
The country has experienced a wake-up call to the reality that a liberation party is not necessarily one equipped to be a governing party.
For too long the media and the commentariat have indulged too kindly Malema's various poisonous prejudices.
We need to reinvigorate the notion that human rights issues are tightly linked with equality, respect and dignity.
The concept of human rights should be treated as a verb, the consistent action of making sure that we as a nation correct, unlearn and rebuild.
No society has ever existed under the rule of law without the existence of property rights; nor can it.
"The problem is clearly not only how to get the land – it's also a question of who should get it, and what for?"
The paradox of tolerance is put to the test in South Africa.
"Most people would seem to believe the last 20 years have hardly revolutionised their lives."
The bylaws clearly protect the constitutional rights of both those wishing to practice their culture as well as the rest of the broader community.