A Zimbabwean entrepreneur has plans for a biofuel project that could revolutionise the country's energy sector. Will South Africa follow suit anytime soon?
Sorghum was once seen as key to the development of the biofuel industry in South Africa and, in turn, job creation in rural areas.
Students at the University of the West of England (also known as ironically UWE) in Bristol are doing their bit for environment
There is a place for biofuels in EU agriculture, transport and environment policies, but we have to get it right. Labour MEPs are clear that any European support for biofuels should not take precedence over sources of food, environmental protection or land rights.
Vincent Breslin's entrepreneurial skills were recognised early on when in his teens he invented a treasure hunt game in Ireland
Why start your own business? There was very little thought in whether or not I could start my own business. For me, this
Ever pressing environmental changes; soaring temperatures, rising sea levels and depleting natural resources, means that sustainability is not just something to be talked about hypothetically over the dinner table. It needs to happen, and soon.
There is plenty of science, including from the European Commission, proving that many types of biofuels are actually worse for the climate than the fossil fuels they were meant to replace. The green argument for biofuels simply doesn't hold up.
Over in Brussels, a heated debate is underway about a sensible new proposal to cap the amount of food that is burnt as biofuels. But so far, a number of European energy and environment ministers including UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey cannot see the need for such a cap.
The UK, as one of the richest countries in the world, has the power and resources to act both at home and abroad. We do not have to choose between the two. And, central to the IF Campaign, we must also tackle some of the systemic causes of hunger.