Parakeets are very clever birds, as is clear from the fact that they can replicate human speech. This particular one, however
You might see the occasional black and white puffin or guillemot flapping furiously past. As you float into a sea of these birds, they flap away with a furious clattering sound, as their feet slap the water and their wings pedal furiously.
Who's a clever boy then? Albus the cockatiel. He can sing the iconic 'Addams Family' theme tune, with a little help from
Last month I pledged my political support to help protect the threatened turtle dove in Europe, becoming the RSPB's first
flickr | William Klos Each autumn, the gray whale migrates from its feeding grounds at the Bering in Alaska, down the western
All 'Game Of Thrones' fans will know the feeling of wandering around the house or getting a coffee at work when all of a
In an escapade that sounds like a deleted scene from the cartoon Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines a dad has
I became interested in different bird calls a few years ago while sitting outside at night listening to tawny owls calling to one another - it really sounds like a long distance conversation from tree to tree.
It's the third most exciting vote of 2015, after a) the general election and b) Eurovision. It's the vote to decide which
The majestic red-breasted Robin was voted the UK's favourite in the 1960s, but now a famous ornithologist is asking the British